Hey friends!

I am sorry I have been offline. About 2 days after I returned from the cruise, I became ill. Bad chest infection that turned to pneumonia.

It was a bit scary. I think I picked it up in San Francisco Airport. Our plane had an engine that didn’t want to start. We were switched to another plane. The plane wasn’t clean and I didn’t wipe anything down, like a dummy. After a safe touchdown, we went home. I returned to work. I went home early that Friday. I had a fever and my throat was sore. My ears were plugged and I couldn’t breathe very well. I went to an immediate care clinic after I had the car serviced. They sent me home with decongestants. The doctor seemed scared of me. It was obvious I was having a hard time breathing. He ignored it and told me it was a sinus infection.

I went home. The dry cough was just starting. Two days later, I went to another urgent care clinic. The doctor deemed it pneumonia. 1 round of z pak. It responded but it wasn’t completely gone. A week later, I had another round of z pak. The pneumonia left my chest. I returned to work.

Again, I work as a case worker for food stamps and Medicaid. I am an essential employee. We had no staff. There was maybe 5 of us. I bombed through applications as best I could. Still having troubles breathing. My stress levels very high.

Here it is almost 13 weeks later. I still have a cough and now, I have asthma. I just got tested for COVID 19 today. I have a bet with a friend that I had it.

Why the heck didn’t they test you at the clinic? I know…. I know. Here’s the answer I got, they didn’t have them.

I will know in a week. If its still active, I will get a phone call, if not, a letter.

I am again just now starting to train for the 5ks. I did sign up for the virtual challenge. I am looking forward to a good fast walk in the woods because I can’t run yet.

Mad Hatter June 2020, Space Mountain July 2020, Haunted Mansion August 2020

I can split wood. I want to swim too. I am watching the country slowly opening up. I am hoping to travel again soon. I need a good fast scary rollercoaster, a quiet beach, redwood trees, a cruiseship, a plane ride, all of those good things in my life.

Am I afraid to travel? No.

I am afraid of being trapped in this horrible cycle of work and home. I work in a high stress highly charged environment. I have to have breaks. Otherwise, I will be out on stress leave.

Also, I have a disease that could ruin my golden years. I need to do things now while I can.

I will continue the posts explaining my trip and the fun we had. My wife is my best travelling partner. Until then be safe and take care of yourself. #thedriveisreal

Published by fmswarrior

A middle aged kid battling a wicked sick. Come along in my journey and watch how to battle this disease with little to no medication.

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