And so the trip begins. Ah, but where did we leave off. Oh yes, about a month ago.

Lots has happened. I lost about 7 pounds. I am training a 5k. Got my time down from 1:02 to 53 minutes.

This is a pretty good one.
More improvement
Maintenance run
Another maintenance run
Past goal!

I am also working out on my total gym. Here’s what’s crazy. I have had that thing for….oh… 3 years ish. Did you know it doubles as a traction table? I feel lucky and like an idiot all in one emotion. YouTube has some good instructionals up. I get a good full body workout twice a week.

We are aboard a Canadiar jet via United heading to LAX. Small plane. Kinda worn. Great crew. I am ok in my seat. I fit better. I am not looking forward to the crowded 737 we will be boarding for our red eye. But, I am grateful they didn’t cancel or change our flights. This is why I love United. I have been flying with them for years when they were continental. Always good flights. I do have fun on short hops with Southwest too. I like the snarky flight attendants. But United is my favorite carrier.

LAX to MCO and its almost past my bedtime. I will write more soon. The drive is real. So feel it. Listen to it. It’s working for me.

Published by fmswarrior

A middle aged kid battling a wicked sick. Come along in my journey and watch how to battle this disease with little to no medication.

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